Golf Digest says Arccos Driver 'An interesting step forward for on-club devices'

When Golf Digest speaks, the golf world listens. And the leading publication spoke very loudly about Arccos Driver.

In a recent review of the newest addition to the growing Arccos Platform, Golf Digest writer Keely Levins had this to say:

"The technology is an interesting step forward for on-club devices because it works using only one sensor, not requiring a second step, club or sensor to detect where the shot finished."

Levins also explains the motive in creating the new Arccos Driver product and app.

"The popularity of in-round stat-tracking for everyday golfers continues to grow, but it still gets resistance from a healthy percentage of those who don’t wish to be bothered by studying the overwhelming supply of numbers these on-club devices can provide.

For those reluctant to pay a larger fee for one of the systems, Arccos released a driver-only tracking device at an affordable price. The thought? Provide an entry point for golfers who don’t want to pay for a 14-club set."

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