For competitive juniors, focused practice is key to next level

By Zach Baron | PGA | Director of Sales

Poll a room of competitive junior golfers and the results may surprise you.

“Raise your hand if you track your stats,” I said.

Two hands were raised.

How do the few track their stats?

“Pencil and paper,” they said.

There’s no doubting the importance of stats in competitive junior golf. That was the message Team Arccos sent to the up-and-coming players at the College Golf Camps Three Day National Junior Golf Prospects Camp at Crystal Springs Golf Resort in Sussex County, N.J.

With the amount of practice time these hopeful players put in, it’s vital that they’re focusing on the correct areas of their games. With that, I educated them on the basic stats golfers can track with Arccos like greens in regulation, putts, ups and downs, fairways hit and average distances with each club in their bags.

But the key message was surrounding the importance of analyzing trends in their games rather than tracking stats for each round. It’s very hard to uncover trends when using pencil and paper but tracking performance with Arccos Golf is seamless, intuitive and quite easy.

All tour pros are looking at their stats every week to see what they’re doing well and where they need to improve. They base their practice on that going into the next week. For competitive junior golfers at the College Golf Camps Three Day National Junior Golf Prospects Camp — and beyond — who want to get to that level, it all starts with focused practice time.