Latest release includes improved Shot Editing & Smart Distances

Arccos is excited to announce the release of the latest version of its app, which features improved shot editing, better phone battery life and a more accurate look at club distances.

Here's a deeper look at the features included in the release of Arccos version 1.4: 

Shot Editing: Users will experience a much improved and more intuitive shot-editing experience in-round and out. Users can now add, delete, edit or move shots with ease upon entering the “edit” screen for each hole.

Putt Editing: Golfers can easily account for their gimme putts with an easy-to-use plus-minus option on each and every hole screen.

Flagstick/Putting Distance: For more accurate putting distance and statistics, users can now edit the location of the first putt and the flagstick on each and every hole. Note that the Arccos' Tour Analytics counts the distance of the first putt only on each hole. Flag placement will also be carried over to approach and chipping stats. 

Smart Distance: Improving on the average distances Arccos users have come to rely on, we present improved distance expectancies for each club, including a Smart Range, which gives golfers a better idea of how far average shots with each club will travel. Learn more about Arccos' new Smart Distance feature here.

Improved Battery Life: Golfers will notice an improvement in battery consumption due to the app’s ability to work in the background.

Search Improvements: Searching for a course or a fellow golfer on the Arccos social platform becomes easier through the implementation of improved search algorithms.

Arccos users will also notice minor changes in the design and interface with the 1.4 release. For tips on how to edit, add, delete and move shots on Arccos Golf 1.4, please view the following tutorial videos.