Arccos Driver Announcement Wows at 2016 PGA Show

The announcement of Arccos Driver garnered incredible interest throughout the PGA Show from show-goers and industry professionals, alike.

Last Wednesday's announcement of the driver-only performance tracker, which also introduces competition and gaming to the growing Arccos Golf Platform and will be available in April, was also heard loud and clear by the golf media. 

Here's a rundown of the media buzz created by Arccos Golf's latest product entry, Driver:

Golf Digest Stix: "The popularity of stat-tracking continues to grow. For those reluctant to pay a larger fee for one of the systems, Arccos released a driver-only tracking device at an affordable price last week at the show." Read More "If you've ever wondered who the best driver of the golf ball is in your weekly foursome, Arccos now gives you the ability to track every drive during a round. As opposed to offering a package that includes 14 sensors, the company has unveiled a new Driver sensor that just tracks the long ball." Read More

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Golf Digest: "Arccos has released a driver-only tracking device at an affordable price. The thought? Provide an entry point for golfers who don’t want to pay more for a 14-club set, Arccos founder Sal Syed said." Read More

GolfWRX: Arccos Driver not only measures every drive a golfer hits in real time, but like the original system, offers game-improvement analytics. Read More

GolfNewsNet: "You can also compete against friends and other golfers in virtual driving contests, which is really more the aim of this product compared to the full Arccos set of 14 sensors." Read More Imagine having fun while improving your game. That's right in line with the Connecticut-based company's vision. Read More