Arccos Ambassador Erik Anders Lang To Take On LACC

Watching professional golfers on television is captivating. Their ability to shoot sub-70 rounds and effortlessly execute incredible shots can leave you in awe. When you witness them struggling at a challenging Major course, it emphasizes just how tough the course must be, watching their ball glide past the hole with a mere tap from the edge of the green or witnessing their club getting stuck in the thick rough highlights the difficulty. This brings us to wonder, how would an average golfer fare at a course like Los Angeles Country Club, home to this year's U.S. Open.

We wondered too!

To provide you with a taste of the experience, Arccos ambassador, Erik Anders Lang and Random Golf Club will give you an inside look into playing the championship course. Watch Erik use Arccos to try and break 90 from the tips at LACC with former Tottenham, Real Madrid and LAFC star Gareth Bale. Can they do it? Check it out now!

 Spoiler! Check out Erik’s shots on the long par 3, hole #7. Taking 3-iron off the tee, coming up just a bit short, leaving him with a small sand wedge in and 2 putting from 28 feet for bogey.

With Arccos you are able to re-live your golf moments, the good, the bad, and the ugly, but maybe we don’t want to see the ugly again. Show off the great rounds and shots to friends, even if they weren’t there.

Analysing over 700 million shots tracked by Arccos and 1.1 trillion data points, we were able to take a look at how an average golfer with a 10 handicap might perform on hole #7 at LACC, a lengthy par 3.

In normal conditions, a 10 handicap would typically average around 4.54 shots on a 300-yard par 3. However, when adjusting for U.S. Open conditions, that average rises to approximately 5.04 shots. That’s two whole strokes over par... ouch! 

Want to see how you would play though?

Of course, every golfer possesses unique strengths and weaknesses on the course. You may not be a single digit handicap like Erik, Gareth, or even an average 10 handicap. However, Arccos allows you to visualise shot-by-shot scenarios and potential outcomes on the course using its preview caddie feature. Would you be able to beat Erik or Gareth at LACC? 

Simply log into your Arccos Account, navigate to the 'start round' option at the bottom, and search for Los Angeles CC (North). Download the course and you’ll be set to play this year’s U.S. Open course like the pros. Click the 'preview caddie' button at the bottom left and observe your calculated shots based on your personal data.

This detailed preview provides you with insights into how your game might unfold on this championship course. Arccos' Preview Caddie feature is not only a valuable tool for courses you haven't played yet, but it also enables you to familiarise yourself with the layout and prepare for your upcoming rounds, giving you that extra advantage on the course.