Feature Update: New & Improved Smart Club Distances

Arccos pioneered giving golfers access to personalised club distances, based on real on-course data and cutting-edge AI algorithms. Now we’re improving one of our most loved features in the Arccos platform to deliver even more precise yardages: New Smart Club Distances!

The updated Smart Club Distances will now factor in a wide range of elements, including temperature, slope, altitude, humidity, and wind, for each of your shots. These new distances are now calculated considering the conditions at the moment you hit the shot, to effectively "normalise" them.

While the experienced Arccos member may notice a subtle adjustment to their Smart Club Distances. Rest assured the Arccos' advanced AI algorithms have refined your Smart Club Distances by referencing the environmental conditions during each shot and standardising them to a common benchmark. This normalisation process results in even more accurate distance calculations and provides you with precise club recommendations when using AI Rangefinder.

 *You will be able to update the Arccos app and experience New Smart Club Distances in the coming weeks, as our team initiates a gradual rollout of the new feature, this is to help make sure our members get the best app experience.

What Does It Mean To Normalise Your Smart Club Distances?

The New Smart Club Distances are "normalised" by incorporating factors that influence ball flight, placing each shot against benchmarks for each element, and adjusting the Smart Club Distances and AI club suggestions accordingly. 






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Let's say Golfer A hits the ball 250 yards, and Golfer B hits it 280 yards. However, Golfer A played on a very windy day, while Golfer B had “standard” weather equivalent to the “benchmark” conditions above. To compare their driving distances fairly, we would "normalise" or adjust Golfer A's distance to account for the wind, making his actual driver distance 275 yards. This allows us to see how far Golfer A would have hit the ball under the same conditions as Golfer B in the “standard” conditions.

What's Next?

We're thrilled to announce this update. Be sure to keep an eye out for it, as the New Smart Club Distances will begin rolling out to all Arccos members in the next few weeks. 

Prepare to give yourself another advantage with better club selections. Arccos is the official game tracker of the PGA TOUR and your key to lower scores.

See what shots are included in your New Smart Club Distances and how they are calculated:

Your New Smart Club Distances will be automatically calculated, but to see how the data is calculated into your Smart Distances page: Click on Clubs > Select a Club > Smart Distance > Usage Tab.