Let Your Arccos Insights Guide Your Holiday Purchases

Use your Arccos Caddie Insights this Holiday Season

Have you made your ultimate golf Christmas list? Have you checked it twice? In case you haven’t been able to, we at Arccos have a few recommendations to get you on track to being Santa’s best little helper…or birdie-maker. Whichever you prefer. 

Now, we know you’ve made this mistake before: buying some training aid that you thought would help but not knowing how to quite use it. With your personalised insights in your Arccos account, you can use your data to better write your wishlist for ‘Santa’ to ensure you get the tools that will best help you improve this upcoming year. 

Unwrapping shiny new golf gear can make even a Grinch crack a heartwarming smile. But if you’re writing a golf wishlist, you should be looking at your stats before you lock in your wishlist. Some of the easy wins can be noting your overview of each facet. 

Whether your weakness is off the tee, approach, short game or your putting is a good place for you to start. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you consistent with your misses?
    • Is this because you aren’t practicing or because you might be using the wrong club(s)? (be brutally honest with yourself, we know it's hard.)
  • When was the last time you invested in new equipment or ‘this’ aspect of your game?
  • Are you asking for something you would actually use and wouldn’t normally buy yourself? (because that would make the gifters in your life happy to give you)
  • Would you practice more if you had the right training aid?
  • Do you know what you should actually be practicing? Any specific Drills?

We’ve broken down some recommendations into three categories to help you narrow your search–Equipment, Instruction and Training Aids. 


Identifying whether your clubs are the problem isn’t always easy. But now that Arccos provides Strokes Gained by Club you can see if one of your clubs needs to hit the road or if it’s been a few years since you’ve updated some of your gear it could be advantageous to get some new sticks in the bag. This can also be because your game has evolved enough that you need to get fitted. 

Club Fitting:

If you haven’t been fit for your clubs it can make a big impact on your game, we recommend asking for a Club Fitting as a gift this year! Your data might be showing that you regularly miss short (a sign that you are either clubbing incorrectly or your clubs might not be fine tuned for your current game.) Check out this blog to learn why now is actually a great time to get fitted.

New Clubs:

If you know what clubs you want, check out each of the golf equipment manufactures, they’ve got some great holiday sales happening right now. But we are biased to Cobra, PING and TaylorMade… bonus if you’re not an Arccos Member, you’ll get a free set of Arccos sensors and 45-day trial period with the purchase of any of their clubs. 

New Golf Balls:

Everyone needs golf balls. It’s arguably the most important piece of equipment since you use it on every shot. Our partnership with Golfballs.com provides Arccos members with a special offer to receive $10 off a dozen balls of most top brands, and get free customization. Use code Arccos at checkout. 

Ball Fitting: 

If you like getting golf balls as stocking stuffers every year, consider getting a ball fitting. Using your launch monitor data, you can find out what golf ball will help you perform the best. BALLNAMIC is a project that PING started to help players choose the ball best for their game. PING doesn’t make golf balls so they are a great unbiased source for this information. 


If you’re not sure if you need new clubs or some instruction, this blog might help you determine one way or another. But it's usually safe to assume that all golfers need instruction, look at the tour pros… they have an entire team of coaches helping them improve. 

While an entire staff dedicated to your golf performance is unrealistic for us mere mortals–there are great ways to access some powerful knowledge tailored to your game. If you’re looking for some training plans to help, you can work with a local professional or check out the Me & My Golf instruction platform. Arccos Members get an extra three months for free (15 months for the price of 12).

Training Aids:

Training aids can be really helpful tools to ensure you are following best practices (when using them correctly). If you already know what you should be working on, or know you want some indoor equipment for the off-season, then you should consider adding those to your lists. 

Getting longer shots off the tee shaves strokes off your game, we know this. If you feel like you have a little more left in the distance tank, consider these tools that Arccos Members get a discount on:

The Stack System

Created by some of the industry’s top engineers, The Stack System is a weighted system and tracking app that puts you through a training program to help you improve your swing speed. This system is being used by top touring professionals to help gain distance in their game, including a major winner in 2022! Arccos members are eligible for 15% off of The Stack System by applying AGStack15 at checkout.