Manufacturers & Fitters Value Player Data To Help Them Improve Their Equipment 'Game' Too

Club Champion Equipment Fitting With Arccos

We recently highlighted how the golf industry is entering a rapid phase of evolution all because of the access to better data. In 2019, Golf was estimated to be an $84 billion economic engine that drives nearly 2 million jobs—this was even before the COVID-19 pandemic which has driven more interest to the game in the past year due to its socially distanced safety. But is data REALLY shaping every aspect of the industry?

Short answer: it should be. 

Longer answer: if industry stakeholders aren't already capitalising on advanced data they will be very soon! Or they'll start to get dusty like your old set of clubs in your garage. 

It's hard to deny that better data would naturally enhance any industry. But golf is special... on-course data is actually giving us deep insights into players of all handicaps (not just pros), geographic and travel data, customer profiling data for age/gender/etc. for retail, how courses are being played by different skill levels...


Like the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the father says the root of all words can be traced back to Greek origins...the list of how on-course player data is helping shape the industry as a whole is really just going to keep growing. Try us. 😏

Forbes Golf Industry Arccos

Featured this week in Forbes by Scott Kramer, How Smart Sensors Are Changing Golf starts to dabble in what this really means for manufacturers. 

The article has some insight into how Cobra Golf leverages the anonymised on-course data from its players captured by Arccos to start setting their innovation game plans for years in advance! Pretty cool actually...

Arccos has "Partners" but what does that really mean?

So far we have some amazing results with our OEM partners to date. While each program is a little different, and can even vary down to the kinds of clubs purchased... These equipment manufacturers are not only listening to what you are saying, but observing high level patterns in on-course performance to help them ensure they are delivering the equipment that the industry will continue to benefit from.

Who we work with: 

Cobra Golf Logo Arccos.       PING golf arccos partnerships       Taylormade logo partnership arccos

While we have worked with each company to create a unique and exciting experience for their players, there are nuances to each of the opportunities. But in general here is what their players experience when signing up for Arccos via one of our OEM partners:

1. They purchased a new club (or set of clubs)

2A.Those clubs either had a smart grip to start the setup process OR

2B. Customer received information about qualifying to try Arccos

3. Customers receive a free 'completion kit' (CK) that has sensors for the remaining clubs in their bag
  • All clubs should have sensors in order to properly track player stats, not just the new shiny clubs
  • Depending on your clubs purchased you can get a CK8 or a CK14 (the numbers mean how many sensors are coming)

4. Customers get a trial of Arccos to get a feel for the product and see if the membership and its corresponding insights will be right for them. 

It's pretty simple. Not only does it setup players to start getting deep insights into their games and shoot lower scores--but it helps manufacturers track patterns with their equipment. (Seriously check out that Forbes Article from above).

What About Those Non-Manufacturing Partners?

Nothing gets past you. 😉 

Club CHampion Arccos Partnership       TXG Club fitting partnership arccos       Cool Clubs Partnership Arccos


As you can see, we also partner with some awesome fitters. While most technology advancements in the golf industry have been centered around equipment—the fitters are the front line wizards that find the right combinations of all of those pieces to maximise performance for golfers. 

As any golfer knows... a good range session doesn't guarantee a beautiful on-course performance. Our smart fitting partners are leveraging the on-course data from golfers of all skills to better understand their game prior to a fitting and identify and tune-up bag compositions post-fitting, in order to best set their customers up for success. 

Is this an excuse to always be tweaking your bag and anxiously awaiting the next piece of equipment to help your game? Not necessarily, but we don't hate the idea of new goodies arriving regularly... This could even mean tweaking existing gear like adjusting lie angle based on performance. 

Pretty powerful stuff! If you aren't already an Arccos member, make sure you keep checking out the partner pages to see if you qualify for an easy and free way to test out Arccos Caddie. Then you can see for yourself how powerful your data can be to transforming your own game.