Me And My Golf Short Game Series: Perfect Your Chipping

Me And My Golf want to help you master your short game and improve those short game stats. In their first video, Become a Pro out of the Bunkers, Piers, and Andy shared some key tips to help you get out of the bunker every time. But what happens if you miss the bunker and end up next to the green? Well, they have you covered in their second short game video, Become a Short Game Champ.

Being on grass and closer to the green should make things easier, right? Well, that’s not always the case.  Imagine yourself positioned about 20 yards away from the hole, standing on the fresh, tightly mown grass, with the white-painted cup rim visible in the distance. All you need is a clean shot to save your score. It seems simple – easy back and easy through, land the ball nicely and let it roll out to set yourself up for a straightforward putt. 

You begin by taking the club back, anticipation builds and as the club descends towards the ball, disaster strikes. The club grasps the grass, a divot flies behind where your ball sat, and the ball barely inches forward. You've just chunked the shot, immediately thinking about what went wrong. It’s happened to the best of us. For instance, do you remember Jordan Spieth at the 2016 Masters on hole 12? 

To help temper those expectations, according to over 800 million shots we’ve detected from our Arccos database: The average 10 handicap gets up and down 31% of the time on shots under 20 yards. Check your Arccos stats to see how you might compare. 

In the second part of the Me And My Golf short game series, Piers and Andy have come up with 3 quick and simple tips when over a chip shot to help improve your consistency around the green.


In the short video you’ll learn;

  1. Correct Set-Up: Your success begins with the right foundation. Think of it, as if you showed up to the course in flip flops—probably not the best idea. Ensure your set-up sets you up for success. 
  2. The Swing: Achieving the right distance involves being able to control the loft, contact, and overall distance. Follow these key principles from Piers and Andy.
  3. The Finish: A proper finish will help tie it all together. Piers and Andy will show you the proper feeling and techniques for finishing a chip to achieve consistency. 

Mastering the art of chipping requires attention to detail, and with these three fundamental tips from Me And My Golf, you can significantly improve your consistency around the green. Elevate your set-up, refine your swing, and finish strong to enhance your chances of making those crucial up-and-downs. For more insightful swing tips, explore the wealth of knowledge offered by Me And My Golf

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