Review & Analyse Your Last Golf Season's Data For New Improvement

New Year, New Goals: Breaking Down Your Across Year at a Glance

Cameron Smith just raked in the lowest score on PGA Tour history for a 72-hole tournament–with 2022 kicking off, will you be able to parallel his success and shoot your lowest score? As a new golf year gets underway, it’s time for a brief reflection on the state of your own golf game as it stands from 2021. Arccos makes this easy with our annual, “Year at a Glance” email. 

If you’re an Arccos member who played at least eight, 18-hole rounds with an Arccos handicap between +5 and 30, it should have landed in your inbox last week and awaits your review. Check for the subject line: Arccos Caddie: Your 2021 Year In Review. The look back at 2021 begins with four “Memorable Stats:” total rounds played, total shots taken, courses played and current handicap. 

This summary email is designed to give you a birds eye view of your game from last year, and start planning your goals for this upcoming lap around the sun. If you’re a multi-year Arccos member and are the type who files away emails (or never clears out the ole inbox), it’s both fun and useful to compare this year’s annual summary to previous years for a macro view of your progress.

We have seen some players do amazing things this year. For instance, the player that cranked out the most round of 18 holes was Chad K* with 265 rounds. If he only played rounds of 18 on individual days–that puts him golfing 72% of the year. That doesn’t include his rounds of 9 either… Coincidentally, the player with the most 9-hole rounds was Robert R. with 265 9-hole rounds. Most of us can only wonder what it’s like to play this often… *looks longingly off in the distance*

Arccos Caddie Members:
Top 10 Most 18-Hole Rounds 
Chad K 265
Richard L 263
Gareth S 261
Greg S 245
Bob F 226
Jim H 225
Patrick H 220
Steven L 213
Robert W 213
Hany E 207


Scrolling further down your email, the Year at a Glance dives deeper into the state of your game with your “Strokes Gained Greatest Hits.” We’ve bundled the best facets of your game from all your rounds in 2021 and compared them to the target handicap you set in the Strokes Gained Analytics feature. 

The fun part? It provides the name of the course and the date on which your strokes gained “best” occurred, which is sure to bring back some fond memories. Typically, when Arccos players hit a milestone in one of the four strokes gained categories (driving, approach, short and putting) there were a few unforgettable shots involved. 

You can also use this section to your advantage for your goal planning–what did you do differently in each of these rounds to achieve these ‘wins’? Did you have a lesson prior? Or warm-up a bit more? Was it your third round of the week so you had sufficiently shaken enough dust off? Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Speaking of memories, next up on the Year at a Glance is a summary of your best round of the year, including the date, course and overall strokes gained from that round compared to your target handicap. A quick note: you may have changed your target handicap throughout the year, and the Year at a Glance comparison uses the most recent setting. 

Finally, there’s a call out to set your goals for 2022. While it is at the bottom of the Year at a Glance, and doesn’t contain any compelling stats, it might be the most important takeaway from the email. PGA TOUR great Justin Thomas is notorious for setting aggressive goals for himself at the start of each year. We hope to inspire you to do the same.

Want to see how you stacked up against others this year? We pulled the data for all New 2021 Arccos Caddie Members to see what their improvement was for their first year using the system. As you can see below, golfers of all levels are using the Arccos Caddie App to shave strokes off of their handicap. 

Starting HCP
Minimum of 10 Rounds
Minimum of 20 Rounds

And with the detailed analysis Arccos provides in terms of traditional statistics – like driving distance, accuracy, greens in regulation and average distance to the pin – and strokes gained data for driving, approach shots, short game and putting, you have everything you need to create a practice and playing plan for the new year. 

Pro Tip: Need help creating a practice plan for the year ahead? Tap the Player icon in the bottom left of the Arccos Caddie app and scroll down to the Top 3 Insights. Under reach, you’ll find an “Arccos Tip” from our Ambassadors with specific drills and other actionable items.