Scottie Scheffler vs. The Average Joe: Amen Corner

“Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through
And just an old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind”

If you’re a golfer, we bet you just sang that in your head…Once those words are heard singing on your television and news feeds, you know it’s that time of the year…

As the azaleas bloomed and the pines whispered through the perfectly manicured hills of the Georgia, the world turned its gaze to Augusta National for the most prestigious event in golf: The Masters. Among the whispers of patrons and the rustle of anticipation, one name stood out among others – Scottie Scheffler. Fresh off a resounding victory at The Players, his momentum was undeniable.

Of course, our bets might favor others, as you might be betting for Tiger, Rory, Bryson, or a repeat from Rahm in your Masters pool. And amidst the whispers, there’s also speculation as one couldn't help but wonder: Would impending fatherhood deter Scheffler’s focus, would the glassy greens and roaring wind be too much of a challenge…

With Arccos Ambassador, Ted Scott, on the bag, Scheffler came confident and ready for Augusta National, ready to put on a second green jacket . Of course the one of most important parts of The Masters, aside from the pimento cheese sandwiches and peach ice-cream is Amen Corner – the fabled stretch of holes 11, 12, and 13. 

We decided to crunch some numbers, pairing Scheffler's stellar stats with Arccos' data to give you an insider's peek at how us mere everyday golfers (specifically a 5 handicap for our example) would fare against the world's #1 from the same tees at Amen Corner.

Arccos data insights lead, Lou Stagner, noted that if an average Joe were to play during Masters conditions they will most likely add (at least) an additional six strokes to the average golfer's score on Amen Corner (This is an estimation, and dependent on the individual player... who knows, you might play it as well as Scottie). But, that's potentially six strokes of pressure, of uncertainty, of the weight of Augusta National bearing down on every swing.

Hole #11 (White Dogwood). The par 4 lays at 520 yards, running downhill off the tee with a green guarded by a pond and bunker.

On average, a golfer with a 5 handicap would navigate this daunting par 4 with a score of 5.67. Yet, Scheffler skillfully averaged 4.5 strokes through the 4 days, showcasing precision under pressure.

Hole #12 (Golden Bell). The famous par 3 sits at 155 yards surrounded by bunkers and Rae’s Creek, intimidating you to not come up short.

The infamous par 3, known for its swirling winds and treacherous water hazard, would typically yield a score of 3.59 for a 5-handicap golfer. However, Scheffler's mettle shone bright as he posted a under par average of  2.75, navigating Rae's Creek with ease.

Hole #13 (Azalea). The par 5 was lengthened to 545 yards. With the extra yardage, we might want to consider it more like a par 6 for our self-esteem. 

As players approach the par 5 13th hole, the challenge only intensifies. An average 5-handicap golfer would expect to tally 5.81 strokes here (under normal conditions). Yet, Scheffler defied the odds once again, averaging an amazing 4.25 strokes through 4 days. Throwing darts off the tee and onto the green. 

Scottie Scheffler's performance on Amen Corner stands as a testament to his skill, his focus, and his unyielding determination. And as the echoes of his win lingered through the pines, one thing became abundantly clear – Scottie Scheffler was there to win.