How Strokes Gained Analytics Helps High Handicap Golfers

Lost Fore Words Episode 34


Get a detailed look at how Strokes Gained Analytics (SGA), can help high handicap golfers just as much as the lower handicap players. If players aren’t using Arccos, this gives a detailed picture at how the new SGA in Arccos Caddie works for golfers of different levels, and how it helps them dissect their game into manageable changes to faster achieve their handicap goals. 

In episode 34 of the Lost Fore Words podcast, Tom caught up with CEO and Co-Founder of Arccos Golf - Sal Syed. They discuss how 20-handicappers that are looking to get down to a 15 can leverage Arccos to provide the targeted areas to improve. Players may be surprised by the areas of their game that are specifically highlighted to improve, but also where they may be playing better than their target handicap. As a high handicap player, Tom found the data Arccos gave him extremely helpful in his quest to lower his handicap and discusses these on the show. Take a listen below.



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