Strokes Gained By Club is a Golf Industry First

Strokes Gained By Club is Now Live For Arccos Members

Arriving right on time! Arccos has launched its latest innovative feature- Strokes Gained by Club is now fully rolled out to iOS and android members. This new feature gives players insight on which clubs help or hurt them to allow for more informed decisions both on the golf course and for instruction. Whether it’s their short game or hitting more fairways, players can see exactly what parts of their game need immediate attention. 

Strokes Gained By Club is now live for arccos members

Pro Tip: if you still can’t see the feature in your app, head to your app store and ensure you have the latest version of the app installed on your device.

Strokes Gained by Club assess a clubs’ performance to give more concise feedback on where a player loses strokes directly related to their equipment. This precise feedback gives them the ability to see their strengths and weaknesses in their bag. No more spending money on clubs that don’t suit your game (or an excuse to get shiny new clubs…)!

Strokes Gained By Club

Seeing your Strokes Gained by Club can be done in two easy ways: 

Club comparison View (all clubs viewed at once)

  • On the bottom Nav bar, select the Clubs icon
  • Select ‘Club Distances’ at the top
  • When the bottom pop up appears, select ‘Strokes Gained’

Individual Club View

  • You can see individual club SGA when you click select any club from any of the club screens. 
  • When you select a club from the list, the individual stats will pop up for that respective club and the Strokes Gained for that club will appear under ‘Club Stats’
  • If you click one step further, you can see a deeper dive into the clubs performance and what might be causing the resulting SG number

Strokes Gained by Club automatically tracks a clubs performance to provide specific analytics that coincide with a players’ game. Players can see what gaps they have in their bag to adjust for more precise specifications on their clubs like loft and lie angles. The information can be indicative of either lack of the correct equipment or it can indicate where lessons might be more impactful. 

This feature also helps instructors give pertinent drills to their students. Improvement is driven by data and Strokes Gained by Club provides exactly that. This feature was sculpted by over 500 million shots over 10 million rounds played by you and fellow students of the game. Strokes Gained, along with Arccos Caddies’ rangefinder and smart club distances help members shave upwards of 5 strokes off their game in 2021. 

Strokes Gained by Club can be found in your Arccos app under the Clubs tab and is available on all iOS users and upcoming to Android users. You can download the latest version of the app at the App Store or wherever you get your apps.