T-Time With Tori Totlis and Lou Stagner

T-Time with Tori-Totlis

Just when you might have started to miss his data talks—Arccos Data Lead, Lou Stagner joined host Tori Totlis on her podcast T-Time. If you don’t know who Tori is, then you are in for a treat. She is one of TikTok and Instagram’s best female golf accounts to follow. One of the things that makes her unique is that her content is tailored to female golfers.  

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Lou got the chance to chat with Tori and share his expertise on What Good Golf Looks Like. Topics ranged from World Golf Rankings to how women’s golf differs from men’s golf. Here are a few gems that Lou dropped:

World Handicap System? He doesn’t trust it. 

“No matter what, the world handicap system does, if people want to cheat they’re simply going to cheat.” Thank goodness we play a gentleman’s game…right? 

Luckily for you and your member guest field, Arccos and the USGA are here to hold you accountable

Chicks dig the long ball…and so do men.

The median driving distance for women is 175 yards and 18% of Arccos users clock in at over 200 yards off the tee. All it’s all fun and games to hit it far the real key, Lou says, is keep the ball on this planet. 

“The most important thing off the tee, is keeping the ball in play. Limiting penalty strokes, hitting it OB, hitting it into hazards.That is by far the most important thing off the tee.”

The next big thing Lou shares is: length. There is a clear pipeline between hitting it longer and shooting better scores. 

Tee Boxes

One premise that Lou suggests is adding shorter tee boxes. According to the USGA’s Tee it Forward initiative, hitting it an average of 175 yards means that players should be playing from about 4400-4600 yards. Not many golf courses out there fall into that category. 

Greens: Hit More of Em

“There is a very strong relationship between skill level and how many greens you hit,” Lou says. 


Everyyyyyone thinks they should hit their wedges inside of 10 feet. The reality is that even the best players in the world are nowhere close to that. 

“PGA Tour pros, their average proximity to the hole from 100 yards in the fairway is 18 and a half feet,” Lou says. He goes on to mention that PGA Tour professionals only hit it inside of 10 feet about a quarter of the time. 

Maybe it’s time to rethink your wedge game, Mr. 15 handicap. 

And finally the pièce de résistance: putting. 

“Scratch players average two putts from 28 feet,” Lou mentions. He also isn’t shy to say just how good it is to two putt from anywhere outside of 30 feet. “Do we want to two putt from 40 feet? Yeah absolutely. But you’re going to average more than two putts from 40 feet.”

Lou and Arccos can’t stress this enough: stats are important. Not only are they important for expectations, but you can also surprise yourself when you beat the stats. 

“You could have two 10 handicaps- one putts like a scratch and the other like a 20, which is why it’s so important to know where you’re at.” 

Over 600 MILLION shots have been recorded since Arccos’ inception. Thanks to you, we are able to analyse every last bit of information. With Arccos, you know where your strengths and weaknesses are- and that’s how you play good golf.