TaylorMade & Arccos Delivering Tour Level Insights To Golfers

TaylorMade Data Insights with Arccos

In case you have missed the headlines this week, our partnership with TaylorMade is officially launched for US/Canadian* players! Together we are excited to expand data driven golf performance for players of all levels. 

Some of the heavy-hitters over at TaylorMade have worked to prepare more information on how the partnership can benefit their valued customers. Chris “Trottie” Trott (@trottiegolf), is a recognisable figure who works with the TaylorMade tour pros to ensure their equipment is fine tuned for peak performance. 

"Why would you guess what you can measure?"-@trottiegolf

You don’t need to be a data-junkie to appreciate the powerful features of Arccos and how it helps measure the performance of your new TaylorMade clubs. However, the powerful information that our system provides has been a long-time asset in Tomo Bystedt’s (TaylorMade Senior Director of Product Creation) bag. He leverages the power of data every day to ensure that TaylorMade continually delivers innovative products to improve player performance—and Arccos has helped him optimise his own on-course performance. 

Check out the video below to learn what Arccos features are his favourite, and how they help him continue to improve. 

For more information on the program as well as Additional FAQs

Take your game to the next level with TaylorMade and Arccos. 

*While this partnership is currently only available in the US/CA, we are working to ensure a smooth customer experience before expanding to global markets. So stay-tuned for updates as we continue to change the future of golf!