Tech Tuesday: How To Share A Hole From Arccos Caddie (Without Taking A Screenshot)

We love seeing Arccos Caddie users share highlights of their rounds on social media. Many of you posted some of your best from the weekend. Here’s an example of Jeff showing us how he nearly missed out on making an eagle after two monstrous shots.





While screenshots like these are great, we developed an in-app feature where you can share any hole you play directly to any social platform. The design is clean, descriptive, and cropped into a square, which looks great on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here, Michael tapped the “share” button on the 15th at the Old Course at St. Andrews in his Arccos Caddie app. From there, you can either share directly to Facebook or Twitter, or save the image and post it on Instagram or any other social platform. Have a look at this video to see how to navigate to it in your app.




Here's a step-by-step guide if you’d like to share after your round:

  1. Open Arccos Caddie app 
  2. Go to “Activity”
    Tech Tuesdays Arccos App 1
  3. Select “Holes” from the round you’d like to share Tech Tuesday Arccos App 2
  4. Go to the hole you wish to share Tech Tuesdays Arccos App 3
  5. Tap the “Share” button on the bottom right corner of the hole Tech Tuesdays Arccos App 4
  6. Tap Save Image 
    Tech Tuesdays Arccos App 5
  7. Open Instagram or any other social platform
  8. Select the image you just saved Tech Tuesdays Arccos 6
  9. Post away!

Remember, use the hashtag #ArccosKnows so we can see it, too. We look forward to watching your games improve.