How to break 80 every time with these tools and tips

Have you ever experienced that frustrating feeling of being stuck in a rut with your golf game? It's as if you're trudging through thick mud, unable to make any significant progress. You find yourself consistently shooting scores in the 80s, or for others, the 90s or 100s. However, there have been moments when you've caught a glimpse of your potential, shooting a satisfying 79, 85, or maybe even a commendable 98. In those instances, an exhilarating feeling engulfs you, reigniting your passion for the game. Suddenly, you can't help but book another tee time for the following week, driven by the belief that you can once again conquer the course and achieve that lower score.

Golf is undeniably addictive. Once you've had a taste of that great round, you can't help but convince yourself, "If I did it once, I can certainly do it again." This is where possessing the right tools and resources and having determination can help you achieve your target scores more consistently.

Here are some awesome resources to help get you started:  

Arccos is a great tool to help start you off. Arccos tracks all your shots during a round and then analyzes your personal data to show your strengths and weaknesses on the golf course. After just playing a couple of rounds, Arccos can provide personalized strokes gained insights, maybe you always thought your putting was bad, but really you were losing shots on your approach game, leaving you with long, more difficult putts. From there you can deep dive even further into your stats and see from what approach or putt distances you might be struggling. Or maybe you need to gain more distance and accuracy off the tee. You can then apply this new knowledge to how you practice. Knowing where and what to focus your practice is very important for a quality session.

Great! So, you have an idea of what areas need some “TLC”. To help you directly apply your newfound knowledge, Arccos Ambassador, Mark Crossfield, just released his latest YouTube series How to Break 80. In this series, Mark breaks down the different parts of the game to help you shoot in the 70s consistently.

Crossfield takes the data to the next level by not only providing valuable tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals but also leveraging the vast pool of statistics generated from over 680 million shots captured by Arccos members. This wealth of data serves as a powerful resource in determining which specific drills and areas of focus can lead to consistent scores in the 70s.

For instance, let's say you're facing challenges with your longer irons. According to the data collected from Arccos members, those who shoot in the 80s tend to miss approximately 8.4% more greens from distances ranging between 200 and 225 yards compared to those shooting in the 70s. With this valuable insight, Mark Crossfield delves deep into the mechanics of your swing and offers tailored tips to address this specific issue.

Whether it's refining your swing technique, improving accuracy, or fine-tuning a certain facet, Crossfield's analysis, fueled by Arccos data, equips you with the tools needed to break 80 every time.

But, just because it’s a how to break 80 series, doesn’t mean you won’t find some good knowledge, tips, and tricks if you’re a higher handicapper as well.

Check out his series today: How to Break 80 EVERY TIME (The Ultimate Series)