Trillium Rose Talks Strokes Gained, Arccos Caddie Link and the Importance of On-Course Data

Trillium Rose Discusses Arccos Caddie Link & Strokes Gained

Trillium Rose and her husband started using Arccos Caddie two years ago so she could “look at all of his data, chop it up and figure out a plan for him to get better, faster.”

Every man should be so lucky.

An Arccos Ambassador, Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher and the Director of Instruction at Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland, Rose is no stranger to helping her students (including world leaders and A-list celebs) with rapid game improvement. 

But what started as convenient way for her to help her hubby quickly grew into a paradigm shift in her teaching approach.

With the Arccos Caddie App, she saw an opportunity to see what her students were doing on the golf course, go deeper into analytics and enhance communication with then through the collection and interpretation of on-course data.

“For them to be able to play a round of golf, struggle with something and text me a screen shot of their round data is really a game changer,” she says. “I want to know what my students are doing on the course without me, and Arccos solves for that.” 

A Level 1 and 2 TPI Certified Instructor, Rose also holds Trackman, Boditrak, and K-Motion certifications. She believes practice range and on-course data are both vital for painting a complete game improvement picture.

“The practice range is ideal for technical work when making swing changes, honing in on club head speed, shot trajectory and things of that nature,” she says. “The on-course data Arccos generates presents an entirely different story. It’s telling me what you are doing when it counts – when you have one chance. We know what you can do on the range.  But can you do it on the course? From there, I can really get a sense of what a player needs to do in practice.”  

Several of Rose’s students use Arccos Caddie, and she says the system appeals to golfers across all handicap levels for a variety of different reasons. Some enjoy tracking their club-by-club statistics while others lean heavily into the A.I.-powered Arccos Caddie Rangefinder for club selection.

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“Just like keeping the game simple is important for beginners, focusing on the core data Arccos Caddie provides is also key to keeping them engaged,” Rose says. “If I try to explain strokes gained to a 25 handicap, his eyes will gloss over, but if I mention it to a single digit handicap his eyes will light up.”

Rose recently hosted Arccos CEO & Co-Founder Sal Syed on her Instagram Live series to discuss the upcoming feature release of personalized Strokes Gained Analytics for the Arccos Caddie App.

She, along with a handful of other Arccos partners, has been testing the beta version of what Syed calls “the biggest Arccos Caddie update in four years.”

A graduate of Columbia University with a master’s degree in Motor Learning and Control, Rose knows how difficult it can be to make changes.  “When there are easy adjustments that make a difference, why not look for them? – and that’s where strokes gained reveals so much.”

“If I have a student who is a low handicapper and strokes gained analytics reveal he or she is losing strokes hitting it left of the green on approach shots, it gives me a good idea of what might be off – maybe it’s alignment,” she says. “We can restructure the plan so they setup and align properly.” 

The Arccos Caddie Strokes Gained Analytics feature will benchmark across 40 different skills levels ranging from what Syed calls the “mythical plus-10 handicap” to a 30 handicap. This allows any caliber Arccos player to set realistic goals and immediately focus on his or her weaknesses.

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“The problem with strokes gained up until this point is that the benchmarks were PGA Tour players and scratch golfers,” Rose says. “This is overwhelming if you’re a 20 handicap and you’ll just end up trying to work on everything simultaneously.”

The scientist in Rose could talk all day about strokes gained, but she’s just as excited about the reintroduction of Arccos Caddie Link later this year.

With Women’s Golf Day coming up Sept. 1, she believes this stylish clip players can hook on their belt will lead to a higher number of female Arccos members.

“Let me just tell you right now I am one of the biggest supporters of Arccos Caddie Link, both for me personally and my students, especially the women,” Rose says. “When I play, I mainly wear skirts that only have one small pocket and a large iPhone XR doesn’t fit. I think a lot of women golfers are like me and they’re going to love the Link.”

As for her favorite Arccos Caddie feature at the moment, she’s still blown away by the Arccos Caddie Rangefinder, introduced earlier this year at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. 

“There’s just so much packed into the Arccos Caddie App, at any other point in history the Rangefinder would be the hottest product on the market,” Rose says.


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