Arccos Caddie Link - Frequently Asked Questions

Arccos Caddie Link

What is Arccos Caddie Link?

Arccos Caddie Link is a small, affordable, ultralight device that seamlessly records Arccos Caddie shot data and removes the need for a user to carry a smart phone in their pocket during play. All the technology we require in a smart phone to collect shot data is incorporated within Arccos Caddie Link meaning that there is no longer a requirement to use a smart phone on the golf course.


How does Arccos Caddie Link work?

When starting a round you will simply clip Arccos Caddie Link to your belt or pocket, and select Arccos Caddie Link as the shot recording device via an interface on your smart phone. When you are in Bluetooth range of your smart phone Arccos Caddie Link will automatically transmit your shot data allowing you to interact with your smart phone during a round, or you can wait until the round is over.


When do I pay for my pre-ordered Arccos Caddie Link?

During the pre-order period no charge is made to your credit card, you are only committing to purchase Arccos Caddie Link when your order is ready to ship. Credit cards will only be charged when we ship Arccos Caddie Link to pre-order purchasers.


When will I receive my Arccos Caddie Link?

We will be updating our pre-order customers regularly via email right up until Arccos Caddie Link ships.


Will Arccos Caddie Link work with my existing Arccos Product?

Arccos Caddie Link will work with all our 2nd generation, full set, non-Bluetooth products, including Arccos 360, Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors, Arccos Caddie Smart Grips and Cobra Connect. It will not work with our 1st generation Bluetooth product or Arccos Driver. If you have a Bluetooth putter sensor you may be eligible for a free putter sensor upgrade, please see the next FAQ for more information.


I have a Bluetooth putter, can I use Arccos Caddie Link?

Arccos Caddie Link is not compatible with any of our 1st generation products, including Bluetooth putter sensors. As a gesture of goodwill, any 2nd generation Arccos Caddie user who has a Bluetooth putter sensor and pre-orders Arccos Caddie Link will be eligible to receive a free 2nd generation putter sensor ensuring your sensors are fully compatible with Arccos Caddie Link. To take advantage of this offer simply pre-order Arccos Caddie Link and email your order confirmation to requesting your free putter upgrade. Once your Arccos Caddie Link ships we will also send you a new 2nd generation putter sensor.


I have a 1st generation Arccos Golf set, can I use Arccos Caddie Link?

Unfortunately, Arccos Caddie Link is not compatible with any of our 1st generation Bluetooth products. We do offer a trade-up program which allows any 1st generation Arccos user to trade-in their set of sensors and upgrade to Arccos Caddie. More information is available on our homepage, under “Trade Up”.


How many rounds does the battery last?

Arccos Caddie Link’s battery is designed to last for 2 rounds of golf or up to 10 hours. It can be charged by using a micro USB to USB charging cable.


If I use Arccos Caddie Link can I still use my smart phone to access Arccos Caddie during a round?

Yes! Arccos Caddie can be accessed at any time during a round on your smart phone meaning that you can still rely on Arccos Caddie recommendations and access ‘Plays Like Distances’ even if you are using Arccos Caddie Link to record your shot data.


Is Arccos Caddie Link compatible with my smart phone?

All smart phones that are compatible with the Arccos Caddie app will work with Arccos Caddie Link.


How do I set up Arccos Caddie Link?

Arccos Caddie Link can be paired to your smartphone just as you would pair a club to the Arccos Caddie app; this is a one-time process and should only take a few minutes. An instruction manual will be included with your order of Arccos Caddie Link.


Will I able to play music on my smart phone when using Arccos Caddie Link?

Yes, as all your shots are now recorded by Arccos Caddie Link you will be able to play music on your smart phone or via a bluetooth speaker.


What about using the Apple Watch without my phone?

The new Apple Watch 'Public Beta' app provides another no-phone-in-pocket solution for Arccos users. This is compatible with Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4 watches.