How to Get Your Smart Club Distances

Did you know Arccos Members are 5 times more likely to score a hole-in-one? Understanding how far you actually hit every club in your bag is a valuable tool for improving your game and increasing your chances of sinking it off the tee.

Arccos makes it easy to determine the distance you hit all your clubs with Smart Club Distances. Know exactly what distance you can expect to hit your 7 iron the next time you pull it out of your bag.

To obtain your Smart Club Distances, you can either manually add the club used for each shot or activate AI Club Tagging (Beta Feature).

Manual Club Tagging:

  • To manually tag your clubs, first tap the shot that you want to edit, then tap the green circle in the bottom left corner of the screen. This will pull up a new menu where you can select which club you used.

AI Club Tagging (Beta Feature):

  • Arccos uses AI to assign your clubs based on various data points. You might need to adjust some of your club selections during or after the round. However, the AI club tagging will get more accurate if you edit your data and play more rounds with Arccos.
  • To turn on AI club tagging, follow these steps
    • Tap the gear icon in the "Player" tab.
    • Select "App Preferences."
    • Toggle the "Smart Club Selection" option on or off.