Arccos Launches Shenanigans Mode

Playing better golf just got more fun with ‘Shenanigans mode’ in Arccos. Players can now track their detailed reasons for performance across rounds. 

Shenanigans Dashboard Arccos

STAMFORD, Conn., April 1, 2021 
– Arccos – the pioneer of big data and artificial intelligence for golf — today announced the launch of ‘Shenanigans Mode’ for members looking to better understand why they play better on some days vs others. Seeking the sought after ‘consistency’ in golf, players can now track miniscule changes in their routines to see the difference it has on their performance. 

Shenanigans Dashboard Sassy Caddie

Details of Shenanigans Mode

Leveraging the existing powerful insights from Arccos player performance data, members can now better understand how their superstitious routines alter the outcome of their performance before, during and after their rounds—knowing once and for all if wearing red on Sundays translates to lower scores in their rounds.

Players can now track their sacrifices to the Golf Gods prior to their rounds to see if they are ‘in favor’ and can expect course conditions to work with that player vs against. Golf God Penance tracking includes: divot repairs, ball-searching times, letting singles play-through, and the occasional club sacrifice to the lakes (designated for the Water Hazard Golf God for extreme cases of the yips). 

Golf Gods Penance

Beyond the heavens, players can also track their earthly pleasures that can affect their round. Does ‘Swing Juice’ really improve player performance across the whole round? Does that Hot Dog at the turn boost approach distances/accuracy for the back 9? How about wearing that fresh pro-shop swag with the tags still attached to superpower putting performance? Now players can have unprecedented insights into just what helps them play their best. 

Mike Martysiewicz from TXG said it best, “If you gamble on the course I’ll put money on it you’ll win your investment back really fast!” While we can’t hold Mike to that statement financially, we can now help players identify who their sandbagging friends are. Deeper insights include just how much money you can hustle out of which friends based on the strengths of your game. Hard dog leg right coming up—let your natural slice soar, baby (and take a friendly wager against your lefty friend Steve who doesn’t stand a chance…)

With Shenanigans Mode live in the Arccos App, players can take charge of their superstitions and play the game their way. They can play better golf, while making data-driven excuses for their performance. While Arccos Caddie has built its reputation helping golfers improve their overall performance over time by helping players understand their on-course distances, as well as their strengths and weaknesses across each game facet—with Shenanigans mode, players can make game-time decisions that will help ensure they leave the course happier than when they arrived regardless of their scorecard. Because golf is fun.

Happy April Fools Day!