Arccos Launches Pre-orders for First Autonomous Robot Caddie Powered by A.I.

Arccos Golf LLC. announces the launch of industry's first autonomous robot caddie powered with AI insights from ArccosAutonomous Robot Caddie Launching

STAMFORD, Conn., April 1, 2021 
– Arccos – a pioneer of automatic on-course data capture and the leader in Strokes Gained Analytics (SGA) and insights driven by artificial intelligence is announcing the production of the first autonomous Robot Caddie. This development will challenge Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA), the industry leader in autonomous vehicle technology, to produce the golf industry's first Robot Caddie to help Arccos members play better and shoot lower scores. 

Creation of Arccos Robot Caddie

The Arccos Robot Caddie launches by opening pre-orders on April 1, 2021 for the upcoming model of the Arccos Robot Caddie, The Nikola.i. Robot. While Arccos is at the top of the field in golf data and analytics, it now sets its sites on the autonomous robot market, specifically, Robot Caddies.

With base the model starting at $3,141,592,653.58, the specs come jam-packed with some exciting features that have been closely developed with PGA Tour Caddie & Arccos Ambassador, Ted Scott. Leveraging Ted’s insights from being on Bubba Watson’s bag has provided great insight into the emotional complexity of the relationship between player and caddie. These two characters with excellent team chemistry are far from robotic, which helped foundationally create the AI coding for human-computer interactions for the Arccos Robot Caddie.

After consultation with the governing bodies, Arccos was assured that Robot Caddies will not be available for sanctioned events for certain elite tours, but still an enviable option for most amateur players with too much money.

What Robot Caddies Can Do For Golfers

All Robot Caddie models come with Arccos A.I. Caddie powering golf decision making as is already available in the Arccos Caddie App. Instead of players leveraging their phone for dialing in distances, the Robot Caddie will deliver the information, handover clubs, and can even take on the role of creepy swing coach and wrap its arms around players to execute the desired shot. 

Autonomous Robot Caddie Competing with Tesla

With rover-like wheels the Arccos Robot Caddie can follow you through any hazard that you hit into. Inspired by potential competitor, Elon Musk (CEO and Co-founder of Tesla Motors and CEO and CTO of SpaceX), the Arccos Robot Caddie is future-proofed for inter-planet golfing. With SpaceX getting closer to establishing colonies on the red planet, Arccos Robot Caddie is out of the box prepared for the first golf course planned for Mars. The lack of water features will be a true pleasure for most golfers. 

Arccos Robot Caddie removes the cognitive bias of humans and just plays golf better than any human, except Bryson when he’s in animal mode. “Fuelled by Arccos Data, the Robot Caddie is a game changer. When you are playing lousy, the robot can literally wrap its arms around you, do all the serious math of the variables and generate outputs that no one understands and then even swing the club for you to help you win every match you might ever play. I love it and I know our members will also love the Confidence Boost feature where you can start playing against the robot and no matter how bad you play, thanks to the real-time “club to cloud” technology, the robot will know exactly how poorly it needs to play to lose. It’s a win-win!” said, Sal Syed, CEO & Co-Founder, Arccos Golf.

Just like the olden days (as aptly described in the book Tommy’s Honor) the users also have the option to administer a back-handed slap across the face to Nikola.i. to express frustration at their own poor performance or decision-making. This allows players to continue living in the space of zero self-doubt while transferring all blame on their mistakes to the caddie. Arccos also captures the force of each impact so users can later analyze whether softer or harder slaps yield best future performance. 

With the variety of features across The Nokola.i. Robot, it is certainly worth the cash for bragging rights for the lowest scores golfers have ever pencilled under their name on a scorecard.

Happy April Fools!