Taking on Augusta National like a Pro—The Masters 2021

Amen Corner Preview with Arccos

Ahhh Masters week. The unofficial start to the golf season (in the northern hemisphere). Regardless of DJ’s menu fueling the athletes for Thursday's first tee shot, it’s safe to say we will hear some roars around Augusta this week. With a green jacket on the line, it won’t be easy for anyone to claim the year’s first major. 

DJ’s performance in November was nothing short of brilliant—considering our Strokes Gained Analytics showed that when comparing him to the performance of an “average tour player” he was five strokes ahead 🤯. With big name contenders nipping at his heels, DJ like any other winner of the Masters isn’t going to be able to have an off day this week.

Azaleas and Arccos:

If you haven’t already previewed Augusta in your Arccos Caddie and ‘virtually’ imagined playing every hole… are you even an Arccos member? Teasing of course. But wouldn’t you like to know your ideal strategy through Amen Corner?

1983 was the first year that Augusta allowed players to bring their own Caddies. Now with your trusty A.I. Caddie, you can preview the course. Arccos Caddie Preview is unlocked after your first five rounds with the Arccos Caddie App, allowing members to see how their stats line up against the famed fairways of Augusta National (among any other of the 40,000+ courses around the world). So make yourself a pimento cheese sandwich and give yourself the “virtual Masters experience” and see how A.I Caddie thinks you should play each hole. 

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Playing Augusta Like A Pro

We are a little biased when it comes to PGA Tour Caddies, and have to keep our fingers crossed that Arccos Ambassador, Ted Scott, can help get Bubba his next green jacket (we all know you can never have too many of those). As he described in an earlier interview, “The first time I got to play Augusta I was with Bubba, and he told me I’d be nervous,” Scott says. “So I was like ‘why would I be nervous, this isn’t the Masters, there are no fans and there’s nobody around.’ He said ‘because it’s Augusta, just wait and see.’ Well sure enough, I was shaking so badly I could barely hit my first tee shot.”

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The hallowed grounds at Augusta National have long held importance to the golf world. So while most of us will only dream of playing at Augusta, Arccos Caddie Preview can give us a little piece of that dream. The rest might have to be achieved by passionately watching the Masters from our living rooms and cheering on the future legends of golf. 

After inputting some recent rounds from the tour into the Arccos Caddie App, we (like everyone else) are keeping a close eye on a few players who are perfectly primed in time for the Masters. We had our awesome interns follow a few players over the past few weeks (as their college schedules allowed) and entered some of their rounds into Arccos as if they were members. 

Our Strokes Gained Analytics Web Dashboard is in beta, but here is what DJ’s account would look like if he logged his tournaments as an Arccos Caddie Member going into defending his Masters title against the average tour player:

Dustin Johnson Leading into Masters 2021 Arccos
Cobra Golf Ambassador, Big-Hitting-Bryson, is coming into the Masters looking for his first green jacket. His off the tee advantage didn’t help him in 2020, but could it be fruitful in 2021? Take a look and see:
Bryson Heading into Masters 2021
It’s always a great sports story to see some young guns show up and dazzle the crowds with amazing performances. But perhaps a more rare and arguably exciting comeback is for the silver foxes like Lee Westwood, to give these “kids” a run for their money! Here is how his tournaments have been shaping up for his 2021 Masters:
Lee Westwood heading into Masters 2021
Wouldn’t it be nice to log into your Arccos Caddie Members Dashboard and see these stats as your own? We might not be able to guarantee to get you on the tour, but we can help golfers of all handicaps get deeper insights into their games for faster improvement. If you aren’t already an Arccos Caddie Member, purchase an Arccos Caddie Bundle and get started today! Your first year of membership is included with the purchase.