Arccos Wins Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award for Sixth Consecutive Year

Launch of Personalized Strokes Gained Analytics, Arccos Caddie Link Wearable
Drive Record Growth and Member Satisfaction
Golf Digest Editors Choice Game Analyzer

The Arccos Caddie system and Arccos Caddie Link are Permitted under the Rules of Golf (USGA Decision Numbers 2018-0414 and 2020-0305).


Winning Six Golf Digest Editors' Choice Awards in a row is no easy feat. 

In fact, the Golf Digest write up has a few laughs tucked in there to really give you the magnitude of how Arccos has forged its path in the golf data industryso we recommend a few minutes to check it out. The feature also includes some other fantastic tools that share the common interest of helping golfers play better golf.  

Check out the official press release below!

STAMFORD, Conn., April 8, 2021 – Arccos – the pioneer of big data and artificial intelligence for golf – today announced that its Arccos Caddie platform has received a 2021 Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award, marking the sixth-consecutive year that the company has earned this prestigious recognition. 

In addition to its innovative data and A.I. partnerships with PING, Cobra and TaylorMade, Arccos achieved record growth last year by launching the Arccos Caddie Link wearable that allows members to track their shots without carrying a smartphone, and golf’s first personalized Strokes Gained Analytics (SGA) platform. The latter leverages golf’s largest on-course data set, which includes nearly 500 million shots taken during more than 6 million rounds played by Arccos members.

“As our business continues to scale, we remain focused on harnessing the power of on-course data to deliver insights that help golfers and golf businesses make smarter decisions,” said Sal Syed, Arccos CEO & Co-Founder. “Part of that process is consistently raising the bar in terms of member experience, which we certainly accomplished with Link and SGA and will continue to do moving forward.”

Among the Arccos product releases planned for this spring and summer are:

Arccos Caddie for Apple Watch Moving from beta to a full-featured offering with a new experience that more seamlessly allows players to use their Apple Watch to record their on-course shot data without carrying a smartphone

Smart Distance Club Averages — Leveraging new algorithms that take golf’s most intelligent and accurate club averages to the next level by accounting for recovery shots and terrain, while also supporting “what if” views for weather and elevation impacts across individual clubs

Enhanced Putting Data Insights — Combining with in-app and on-wearable hole location setting to deliver even richer insights into a player’s short game performance by supporting the ability to mark second and third putt locations


Golf’s first Artificial Intelligence platform, the Arccos Caddie app syncs with Arccos Caddie sensors to automatically track your shots while helping golfers of all skill levels improve faster and shoot lower scores. In 2020, the average new Arccos user improved their handicap by 5.02 strokes.