Arccos Launches Team Program

Automatic Shot Tracking & A.I. Insights Remove Major Friction Points for Teams Seeking to Leverage On-Course Data and Strokes Gained Analytics

Golf Team Program with Player Data Powered By Arccos

STAMFORD, Conn., February 16, 2021 Arccos – the pioneer of big data and artificial intelligence for golf – today announced the launch of the Arccos Caddie Team Program which provides high school, collegiate and national teams with the opportunity to play smarter and shoot lower scores through the combination of automatic on-course data capture and A.I. insights.

Leveraging the recently launched Arccos Caddie Link wearable and personalised Strokes Gained Analytics platform, the Team Program allows players and coaches to choose from the complete range of Arccos hardware – including Link, smart grips and smart sensors – and receive special bundled pricing on full platform access via   

Arccos Caddie allows each player to focus on performing their best by eliminating the need to manually record on-course shot data and laboriously upload it post-round. Using the Arccos Caddie app and Team Dashboard, players and coaches benefit from automatic data capture, and can review rich details for each shot and round, assess strengths and weaknesses for every game facet, identify trends, dial-in bag composition, plan practice regimens and set strategies for upcoming competitions.

“Having players write down or try to remember the club used and precise location for each shot, then manually enter the data post round, leads to major accuracy issues and stunts player adoption,” said Andrew Turner, Arccos’ Vice President of Sales. “Coaches at all levels have shared their frustrations with those aspects of other systems and their excitement about the Arccos Caddie Team Program. It dramatically simplifies the data capture process and provides each player with a personalised improvement roadmap through our proprietary Strokes Gained platform.”

Coaches and players who participate in the Team Program will also benefit from using Arccos’ A.I. Rangefinder and A.I. caddie recommendations during practice, and a series of releases slated for the first half of 2021 that includes:

  • Smart Distance Club Averages — Leveraging new algorithms that take golf’s most intelligent and accurate club averages to the next level by accounting for recovery shots and terrain, while also supporting “what if” views for weather and elevation impacts across individual clubs.

  • Enhanced Putting Data Insights — Combining with in-app and on-wearable hole location setting to deliver even richer insights into a player’s short game performance by supporting the ability to mark second and third putt locations.

  • Arccos Caddie for Apple Watch Moving from beta to a full-featured offering with new additions to the experience that more seamlessly allow players to record their on-course shot data without carrying a smartphone.

  • Golf’s first Artificial Intelligence platform, the Arccos Caddie app syncs with Arccos Caddie sensors to automatically track your shots while delivering smart distance club averages and Strokes Gained Analytics to help golfers of all skill levels make smarter decisions, improve faster and shoot lower scores. 

    Arccos members have recorded an astonishing 6 million rounds and 400 million shots with the system while playing courses in 194 countries. This feeds the world’s largest on-course dataset, which now includes 31 billion separate data points that are analysed to help golfers perform their best. In 2020, the average new Arccos user improved their handicap by 5.02 strokes.

    The Arccos Caddie system and Arccos Caddie Link are Permitted under the Rules of Golf (USGA Decision Numbers 2018-0414 and 2020-0305).

    About Arccos Golf, LLC

    Arccos Golf, LLC develops game-changing connected golf products. The company is revolutionising the golfing experience by integrating automatic shot tracking with Artificial Intelligence to deliver unparalleled insights that help players maximise their potential. Listed among the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company, ranking #3 in the Sports category globally, Arccos boasts the golf industry’s richest data set. Its official partners include Microsoft (A.I. & cloud computing), PING (smart clubs), Cobra Golf (smart clubs), TaylorMade (smart clubs), Club Champion (smart fitting), TXG (smart fitting) and Cool Clubs (smart fitting).