Did You Know: You must keep your phone in your pocket while playing

Each week, we offer tips, tricks and best practices to the community so that our users can get the most out of the Arccos platform. This week, we examine the need to have your phone in your pocket during play

By Greg Dorval
Director of Quality Assurance and Customer Experience

Many issues received by the Arccos customer service team are handled by explaining to users that it is necessary to play with their phone in their pocket.

It's imperative that golfers keep their phone on them while golfing. Both Arccos products rely heavily on the phone's capabilities to accurately and automatically capture your game.
When users don't follow this crucial requirement, the following issues occur:

  1. Missed shots: If the phone is in your cart and you are outside of an approximate 10 yard radius, you are beyond the bluetooth range and your system won't detect the shot.

  2. Inaccurate data: The GPS is in the phone, not in the sensors. If you keep the phone in your cart, you are tracking data from where your cart is, not where you are actually hitting the ball from. This results in recording and displaying incorrect data.

  3. Hole switching issues: Our automatic hole switching algorithm is highly dependent on you stepping foot on a green. Once you step off of the green it signals to our algorithm you are done playing that hole and your app will automatically switch to the next hole.

    If your phone never enters the boundaries of the green (i.e. stays in your cart), Arccos won't know when to switch holes. Many issues arise when automatic hole switching fails, including shots piling up on one hole, which is the No. 1 reason for customer service calls.

  4. Arccos Driver will not work: Arccos Driver uses the sensors in the phone to determine when you take your second shot, which enables the app to automatically end your drive. If the phone is not in your pocket, Arccos Driver simply won't work.


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