June Gift Guide: Get That 'Par'fect Golf Gift!

June Sale: Arccos Golf

Ready to take your golf game from good to great? Give yourself an advantage on the course this season! For a limited time, we're offering exclusive discounts on Arccos, golf’s #1 on-course tracking system. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, Arccos can revolutionise the way you track your progress and improve your game.

With over 1.1 trillion data points and 700 million shots tracked by hundreds and thousands of golfers, Dad can leverage the powerful yet simple features of Arccos to help him elevate his game. 

Automatic Shot Tracking:

With Arccos, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your scorecard. Arccos’ cutting-edge technology tracks club usage and shot locations, eliminating the hassle. You can easily retrieve your data to re-live every impressive shot and showcase your golf highlights through the years.

Smart Club Distances:

Take guessing out of the equation by understanding exactly how far you hit each club. Smart Club Distances are adjusted to remove the outliers and show your “true averages”.

AI Rangefinder:

Arccos' AI Rangefinder provides you with highly accurate and adjusted yardages, considering factors such as slope, temperature and wind. By taking these variables into account, the AI Rangefinder suggests the most suitable club based on your club data collected. Get ready for that Hole-In-One, it's just around the corner!

AI Caddie Advice:

You can rely on the AI Caddie Advice feature, which offers club suggestions for each shot and strategic plans for the entire course. Arccos will be your trusted companion, providing valuable guidance to enhance your golfing experience.

Strokes Gained Analytics:

After gaining insights from your rounds, Arccos will calculate your game’s strengths and weaknesses, giving you personalised strokes gained data like the pros! And you can truly dial in your practices and start improving even faster!

Now let’s get you set up with Arccos! And take advantage of our biggest sale of the year!

June Sale: Save 20% at Arccos

Smart Sensors or Smart Grips?

Smart Sensors easily twist into the end of each golf club. Great for the golfer that likes to tinker and try different clubs. It leaves you without the hassle of needing to re-grip any additional clubs.

But if you enjoy a more seamless look and feel, try out the Smart Grips with embedded sensors. Shop Now.

Pick your method to track your shots.

Smart Phone:

Place your smartphone in the front lead pocket to track your shots. Get access to all the on-course features in the palm of your hand.

Arccos Link:

Don’t like to have your phone on you? The lightweight wearable easily clips onto your front lead pocket or belt to track your shots. You can listen to music, catch up with friends or just focus on your game and leave the phone in the bag! Shop Now.

Apple Watch:

New Arccos for Apple Watch allows you to start the round directly from your wrist, for a phone-free experience start to finish. Using Apple Watch allows you to still use AI Rangefinder, mark the pin, and provides club suggestions. Learn More Here.

Bundle and SAVE even more!

For a limited time, you can get the Starter Bundle, which includes a set of 14 Smart Sensors, Arccos Link, and a 1-year membership, for €120 off! Buy Now.

Already an Arccos member?

Already a member of Arccos? Grab a membership gift card, to extend your membership for another year or two! (And it’s 20% off! ACE of a deal!) Shop Now.

Accessories for the Arccos Member

Head to the course in style! Show off, with our collection of Arccos Performance Tech hats and towels. Also, stay stocked up for golf season! If your Smart Grips appear a bit worn out or the sensors are nearing their battery limit, ensure you are well-prepared for all the rounds you’ll be playing with a couple of extra sensors or grips. Shop Now.