Golf Channel: Manage Your Expectations With Data Guru, Lou Stagner

Golf Channel Managing Expectations with Damon Hack and Lou Stagner

Are you 15 minutes away or 5.2 miles? Perception is important when you are interpreting results because they help you manage your expectations. Which coincidentally is the Golf Channel segment ‘Manage Your Expectations’ with Arccos Data guru, Lou Stagner

Lou is fairly famous on twitter for being a ‘data nerd’ in the golf world, which is why it made sense for Arccos to start working with him last year. Lou will be the first one to point out that you are being too hard on yourself out on the course (... being golfers we have all done that a time or two). 

Instead of getting frustrated that your putt landed 6” short of the hole, be excited that you just hit an awesome 18’ putt instead. As golfers we focus on missed opportunities instead of the positives (or opportunities gained if you will). Lou will be joining Damon Hack on Golf Today for some quick five minute segments to help players better manage your expectations of their on-course performance. 

The first segment was aired this past week and goes into a bit more detail about what Arccos is–so you might have a little leg up on Damon! Check it out below:

While the first ‘episode’ covered a bit more of an introduction, here are some exciting topics that will be covered over the coming weeks:

  1. Is your worst putt really better than your worst chip?
  2. Adding distance can help the scorecard
  3. Why being short sided is killing your scores
  4. LW vs PW around the green
  5. Should you get as close as possible on par 5 second shots?
Additionally, Damon is giving Arccos a whirl (gotta love a work assignment to get out on the course), so plan on Lou reviewing the Golf Today host’s performance analytics. He might be able to help Damon interpret his data for even lower scores!

Don’t miss the Manage Your Expectations segment during Golf Today live on the Golf Channel. The show airs on Tuesdays usually between 11-2pm EST depending on other golf news.