New Hot Spot Editing Feature To Make Editing Easier

New Feature Rolling Out, Hot Spot Editing

While Arccos delivers the most seamless automatic shot tracking experience in the game, sometimes it takes a little editing after each round to ensure all your shot data is precise so you get the most impactful insights. We discussed the importance of this a few weeks ago with the launch of our enhanced putting stats. However, for a variety of reasons (missing sensor, dead sensor, whiffed ball, gimme, etc.) there are sometimes shots that aren’t picked up during your round. 

Beginning to roll out today and continuing for all members over the next few weeks Arccos is releasing our new Hot Spot Editing. This will make it even easier for players to more accurately add missing shots by using their in-round location data. 

If you’re an avid viewer or contributor in the Team Arccos Facebook Community, there is a topic that pops up occasionally—Why does Arccos need me to have Location Services being set to ‘Always On’ or ‘Allow While Using the App’. Most people comment because they are concerned about battery life. This setting needs to be on in order for a phone screen to be turned off and in your pocket while still collecting shot information. Or else players would have to keep their phone screens unlocked and open to the app during the entire round. 

Hotspot editing feature arccos screens

While Arccos only tracks your location during an active round in order to deliver this seamless shot tracking experience, we’ve added this newest feature to make your editing even simpler! It is a new and easy way to more accurately add your missed shots to your course map from your round. No more guessing if you were farther up the fairway or not, the hot spot helps you identify where you were spending your time on that particular hole. 

This Hot Spot Editing will be available up to 10 days after a round to help make it even easier for you to ensure your stats are up to snuff. 

Currently this is being rolled out to iOS users in batches, and should be fully rolled out by August 18th. If you are an iOS user and antsy to test it out before then, you can head to the App Store and download the latest version of the app manually to get access! It is also compatible for iOS players using the Arccos Link or the Apple Watch for shot tracking. Android users will have to wait a few more weeks before they’ll see this update in the app, but we promise it is coming soon!